How To Create A Video For Your Blog

how to create a video for your blog

“How do they all manage to create killer video’s that look so professional”? Is the question that rings on the lips of so many entrepreneurs. What lights to buy? What camera to have? What backdrop? HOW THE HELL DO THEY DO THAT?!?!?!?!!?!? I get it. I spent hours and hours and hours researching, testing, trialling and I’ve found a way that’s easy. Cost effective. And you can do it almost anywhere. Read more »

Keep Your Shiz Together

nicola moras

Do you have trouble keeping your shiz together all the time? Yep. You’re not alone, girlfriend. In fact. This is one of the things I chat with my clients about nearly every time we speak!! They tell me about their peaks, their troughs and how they’re managing to still get shiz done – BECAUSE THEY’RE TROOPERS. But that’s not all. Read more »