You Are Your Best Form Of Marketing

You’ve heard it, right? The “You need to know how to position yourself in the market”…. only to find that the ‘strategy’ that’s being sold FEELS icky, slimey and downright gross. Read more »

The Industry Lie

On the outside it can look like you’ve got it all, right? Your own business. A nice car. The nice house. 2.3 Kids. “Successful” is what people call you… Yet… somethings just not adding up This was me. This has actually been me multiple times over the past 7 years since I started this particular business. There’d be weeks where I’d feel like my heart was on the outside of my body. My soul out there, too. Taking a beating. Breaking. Hurting. Yearning. Crying. Feeling destroyed. Read more »

I Choose To Not Work With MLM Business Owners – And Here’s Why

  I have something really important to share with you all – and it’s a topic that tends to create some controversy. Please know this: I’m not interested in why I SHOULD work with MLM business owners. There’s PLENTY of people out there who DO work with MLM and you don’t need me jumping on the bandwagon. Read more »

1 Hour = 1 Year Of Content

  I was sitting on a plane a few years ago on my way to run an event and I was thinking about my marketing and the kinds of clients that I want to work with & bring into my tribe. You see… I’m not for everyone, and I’m jiggy with that. Some people like me. Some don’t. And I’m cool with this. I’m not here to be liked by all, I’m here to help others grow their businesses, get themselves out there and create financial independence. Anyhoo… while I was on the plane thinking about who this was, there was this massive download – my fingers were flying across the keyboard as I really connected with the person (fictitious person) who I wanted to help. As a result of this, I came up with what I like to call “The 54 Problem Solution”. Read more »