Wildly Wealthy & Fabulously Fabulous

Nicola Moras book review cashflow quadrant

Give me a HELLS YEAH if you want to be Wildly Wealthy & Fabulously Fabulous!!!! ***HEEEELLLLLLS YEAH!!!!*** Ooh yeah, baby! I could hear you from here! This weeks focus is all about WEALTH WEALTH… you ready? Read more »

The Prada Effect

Nicola Moras prada

What kind of feelings do you conjour up for your clients and for your prospects? Do you want to be remembered as a $2 shop or as a luxury store!? Read more »

Game of Thrones


This week I want you to consider how the new season of Game of Thrones (Season 4) trailer has been released in the last few days…and has had almost 5million views on YouTube. Read more »