It’s Not You…It’s Me…

Fallen out of love with your business?

Your business isn’t really ‘doin it for you’ right now, huh? Are you getting that whole ‘I’ve fallen out of love with my business’ feeling – AGAIN!?!?!? The thing is that you have been pushing so hard to make it work – and it is working – but sometimes…when we get a bit of what we thought we turns out to be not ‘all that’. Read more »

HOW To Create Awesome Videos (Without Using A Teleprompter!)

how to create videos

Every single day I have people ask me about my videos and how I create them – and how I come up with the content. Well. The content part is easy (see a blog recently about that)… actually saying the words of it WITHOUT a script or a teleprompter can often be a little bit daunting – but WELL WORTH IT when you know how. Read more »

How To Pull Content Out Of People’s Brains

Nicola brains

Does the thought of having to create content make you want to shrivel up and die? Does the thought of having to COME UP with NEW content every. Single. Day make you want to scream from the rooftops like a banshee? Yep!! I hear you. I created this blog (going LIVE in Halloween week!) so that you can learn THE EXACT way that I make like a zombie and suck the good stuff out of other people’s brains!!! Muahahahhaaaaa Read more »