The Secret Sauce

Burning Desire Nicola Moras

Have you ever had a vision of what your life could and would be like if everything worked out EXACTLY as you wanted it to? Every had the BURNING DESIRE to do something but been shit scared of it not working? Me too. Read more »

The Accidental Book!

Nicola writing book while driving

  See that picture there? That’s what this whole post is about! So while we were away on our EPIC family holiday a month (mainly epic..sometimes not so epic when it comes to sharing a room with 4 other people for a month… but MAINLY epic!!!!) Read more »

Frankly, My Dear…I Don’t Give A Damn

i don't give a damn

  There are three basic human fears. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of not being loved. And the fear of not belonging. Years ago, when I did my first round of PD and training to be a style coach, I learned a mot powerful and profound phrase that I NEEDED to hear! “It’s not my business what anyone else thinks of me”. Now, it might not seem like much..but it was a BIG thing for me. These days it’s nowhere so much of a thing, but let’s rewind five years. Read more »

What You Expect

what did you expect

Has “Oh! I wasn’t expecting that” run through your head more times that you can count? I know for me, there have been MANY times when I’ve put something ‘out there’ and I got a result that I was MOST CERTAINLY not expecting – both positive and negative, actually. Read more »