Thinking About Doing LIVE Events?

Nicola Moras Live Events

If I had a dollar every time someone told me that they want to do BIG, live events but just didn’t know how to pull it off, or what they would do.. I’d be a RICH girl! You see.. there is so much more to events than just rocking up… Read more »

What The Hell Is A Funnel?

Nicola Moras Marketing Funnel

What is a funnel and why do you need one? In this week’s blog, this is what I go through – my opinion is that it’s A CRITICAL part of your marketing strategy Read more »

Screw The ‘Shoulds’ & The Trends

Screw The Shoulds - Nicola Moras

  Sometimes the message is more important than it being ‘stylish’, right!?!?!? I filmed this video using Facebook LIVE and I really felt like it also  needed to be housed HERE… because…well, people need to hear it. Read more »