Is Your List Cold & Stale Like Two Day Old Bread?

Do You Need To Warm up Your List?

You’ve got people onto a ‘list’ or a ‘database’, right? And you’ve given them something in exchange for that… But have you fallen into the sneaky trap of NOT communicating with them regularly? Have they gone ‘stale’ or ‘cold’?? Arrrghhhh!!! What to do???? Read more »

Dealing With The Evil Enemies Of Happiness

Dealine with negativity - Nicola Moras

Do you find that you’re fielding negative vibes from all angles MUCH of the time while you’re building your business? It’s NOT JUST YOU!!!! 99.9% of entrepreneurs (NOT a researched, statistical number!) find that in their start up phase (until they kind of hit the $500k mark) seem to have to field negativity from a whole range of different angles. Friends. Family. People they don’t know. Ex-work colleagues. Work colleagues. Competitors. And so many more categories. Read more »

Get Your Hands Dirty & Recover Your MOJO

Recover your mojo

The holiday season is almost over and SO MANY entrepreneurs are feeling the ‘MOJO PINCH’. It’s not a nice pinch! It’s a kind of ‘WAKE UP!!!! Back to reality pinch’. Well, for some of us it is, anyway! Read more »

It’s Not You…It’s Me…

Fallen out of love with your business?

Your business isn’t really ‘doin it for you’ right now, huh? Are you getting that whole ‘I’ve fallen out of love with my business’ feeling – AGAIN!?!?!? The thing is that you have been pushing so hard to make it work – and it is working – but sometimes…when we get a bit of what we thought we turns out to be not ‘all that’. Read more »