How To Tailor Your Marketing To ALL Behavioural Types

behavioural types nicola moras

  You know how sometimes you can be talking with someone and feel like you just don’t connect on any level? Maybe they tell LONG stories (I’m one of those people, don’t hate on me too much!). Maybe they are very black and white, short sharp and shiny and don’t need all the detail… Read more »

What On Earth Is Lead Generation (Marketing Advice)

Nicola Moras Lead Generation

You know how YOU know heaps of stuff that you just know… stuff that seems like common knowledge to you – but to everyone else you may as well be speaking some very very ancient language? Yep! So often when I’m chatting with people about what I do and I say that I help people generate leads, they’re often like “WHHAAAA??? What IS that??”. Today on the blog, I’m talking about all things lead generation and why it’s important! Leave your questions and comments below and if I can help, I will! Nic x Read more »

The Best Laid Plans WORK

The Best Laid Plans

  Far too often do people NOT take the time to put planning in place. There’s no structure, no set tasks that they need to do.. and it’s not that they don’t necessarily WANT to do it – they likely just haven’t found a way yet, that works FOR THEM. Read more »