On Struggle..

Nicola Moras On Struggle

Some of the hardest things I’ve had to do & still do/struggle with * Leave my abusive ex. * Sell my first house & move back home with my parents.  * Move interstate & away from my family to a place Where I knew no one except my husband & his family. Read more »

I Don’t Know What To Wear….

Nicola Moras

  With a flutter of excitement you realise that the event that you’ve been waiting for is just a couple of days away. You’ve been so busy doing what you do that time has whizzed by and you’re thinking WOOOHOOOO!!! It’s just a few more sleeps and I’m THERE…. Until… Read more »

The Silver Lining Of Letting Go

Silver Lining

  It HURTS when you know it’s time to let go and you don’t really want to. It feels like you’re having your arm cut off – well. Maybe not quite, but it hurts like a bitch. Take this for example as a story I hear from a lot of female entrepreneurs, experts & thought leaders… Read more »