Self Worth Recalibration

Ever felt like things just aren’t quite going right and your value feels like it’s plummeting through the floor? There are times when people say stuff, do stuff or ‘whatever they do’ that has you questioning everything. Welcome to the human race! Read more »

Feeling Unmotivated? Do These 3 Things

  There’s nothing worse than your head being in a serious funk and not having a way to get out of it. Given that this is something I see talked about a lot (and hear it in conversations I have regularly) I decided that TODAY was the day to talk about it with you, too. Read more »

You’re Always Selling

So many people think that sales is evil, hard and slimey. Even the word ‘SALES’ conjures up images of used car salesman with greasy icky hair, pressuring you to make a deal on the spot when you don’t even WANT that car. Read more »

Your Sales Style

Not everyone makes sales or enrolls clients in the same way. It’s CRITICAL that you know what YOUR sales style is. On today’s blog I chat with you about the 4 main styles along with how to listen to the clues for what the BUYER style is of the person you’re talking to! Read more »