1 Hour = 1 Year Of Content

  I was sitting on a plane a few years ago on my way to run an event and I was thinking about my marketing and the kinds of clients that I want to work with & bring into my tribe. You see… I’m not for everyone, and I’m jiggy with that. Some people like me. Some don’t. And I’m cool with this. I’m not here to be liked by all, I’m here to help others grow their businesses, get themselves out there and create financial independence. Anyhoo… while I was on the plane thinking about who this was, there was this massive download – my fingers were flying across the keyboard as I really connected with the person (fictitious person) who I wanted to help. As a result of this, I came up with what I like to call “The 54 Problem Solution”. When you implement this strategy, you will have a years worth of content ideas fall out of your brain, through your fingers and into your computer. A years worth of ideas. Content. Things you blog about. Facebook about. Write about. Create courses around… and so much more. So check out the video and let’s get down to business! Remember to leave your questions and comments below. If you want help implementing this, click the button and we’ll hop on the phone! Read more »

Changes Are A-Foot

I made an announcement at the end of 2016 sharing a bit about the changes that I wanted to start to make.   Truth be told, I’ve been putting off making some of these changes because I was scared. I tried to make some changes to my business at the start of 2014 and screwed it up ROYALLY!!! Oops. And that’s ok. I guess I had become a little gun-shy with pulling the trigger on these next changes that I wanted to make. Read more »

A Lifestyle Hack That Saved My Sanity

  “What’s for dinner Mum” is a question that used to grate (no pun intended!!!) on my nerves – particularly when I had been working all day and knew that I’d have to back it up with a long night. There were a couple of things that I have done since 2010 to make this easier on me. Read more »