FREE ONLINE TRAINING: The 5 Keys To Unlocking A Powerful Online Reputation

FREE ONLINE TRAINING: The 5 Keys To Unlocking A Powerful Online Reputation


Hey, you’ve found me!

I don’t want to sit here and blab about how I’ve been using online marketing since 2010 to grow my practice from the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (read: Tiny country town in regional Victoria, Australia).

What I want to find out is WHY you’re here.

Let’s take a bit of a guess.

You’ve found me because you want to start marketing YOUR BUSINESS online, right?

You’ve probably done the hard yards that are necessary to get clients:

  • Asking for referrals
  • Relying on word of mouth conversations
  • Catching up and having ‘coffee chats’ with people

I KNOW. I’m with you. These strategies WORK, and they’re GREAT… but not a solid long term, sustainable way of growing your business WHEN (and IF) you want GLOBAL REACH and to have a bigger IMPACT.

AmIRight or amiright?

Now that we have that sorted, let’s talk shop.


What my purpose is, on this amazing planet, is to help other get what they want. To inspire and motivate.

My VEHICLE OF CHOICE is to help business owners who are EXCELLENT AT WHAT THEY DO (you!) market themselves POWERFULLY ONLINE and in a way that CLEARLY COMMUNICATES who you are, what you do and the VALUE you provide to others.

You might be saying “Whhhhhaaaat does that MEAN, Nicola?”. You wouldn’t be the first.

What this means, is want to help you create a HOLISITIC presence online. A powerful one. A presence that has people feeling like they KNOW YOU before they speak with you.

You know how you’ve been busily building relationships in the room with people? Having conversations with them. Finding out and unearthing what their problems and challenges are, so that you can solve them and work with them? GREAT!!! I want to help you do that ONLINE.

There are 100’s of videos on here, so check them out! If you feel like there’s some ‘stuff’ here that I can help you with (I’ve only been using these strategies myself since 2010 and teaching them since 2012!!!!!), then you’re welcome to enter your details in for a session to see how I can help.

BUT (and it’s a big one!) you’ve got to be READY to invest in yourself EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY AND ENERGETICALLY. It doesn’t have to be with ME, but you’ve got to be ready to get this shizzle hitting the interwebs, otherwise there’s no point. Cause I’d just give you a bunch of advice and you wouldn’t implement it and that’s a big fat waste of your time and energy.



As you’ve gathered, I’m a NO BULLSHIT kind of lady who just wants to help people get their stuff out there. My stuff works. It’s great. It WILL help you create the freedom, choice and LIFESTYLE that you want – IF you are ready to IMPLEMENT and DO. THE. WORK.

Still keen? ACE!

Let’s get started.