FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

Navigating Your Own Blind-spots (Even Though You Help Others With Theirs)

The number of times I’ve spoken to people and they say to me “I just need someone to do for ME what I do with my clients” is incredible. From creating a plan, to staying ‘in your lane’ to having my butt kicked!

Some people are just brilliant at being able to laser in through other people’s stuff. Some are great at doing it for themselves, but we all have blind-spots, don’t we?

Take me for example. I have, oh maybe, 10000 notebooks FILLED with ideas in my house of book ideas, marketing ideas, business ideas, thoughts and ramblings and half-started projects. But the thing that I rely on someone else to do is help me to take these ideas and work WITH ME to decide whether they’re going to ‘fly’ or if I should just can them.

The ones that we decide to WORK WITH we then formulate a plan. A plan for being able to take them to market. To test them for sale. BUT before we do that, my mentor will ask ME “What is the plan for this and what is your intention for it?” Because, here’s the thing. If it’s about making money, then there will be a specific plan that we put in place for that. If it’s about ‘reach’ then, the plan is different. If it’s more about marketing, then, you get it! It’s a different plan.

And this exactly what someone else does for ME: Provides me with CLARITY and the ability to bounce ideas around WITHOUT them being hung up on anything. Without them trying to prove that they’re right or that their way is the best way.

It’s a NON-BIASED opinion .. well.. maybe a little bias because they want what’s best for ME based on what I’ve told them!

That external set of eyes is completely INVALUABLE to me.

I love getting outside opinions on marketing ideas, direction, helping me to SEE AND THINK BIGGER than I would have on my own.

When it comes to MARKETING, this is where my zone of genius kicks in.

I’m THAT PERSON for my clients.

I see the things that they don’t – or that they might miss because it’s hiding in those sneaky blind spots.

I help them reverse engineer a plan for THEIR business, for their marketing.

BEST OF ALL (well, I think so, anyway) is that I SEE THEIR BIGGER POTENTIAL. I ‘see’ one of their probably futures when we’re talking. What the heck does THAT mean? Well, let me tell you!

When we’re talking, it’s almost like a see a timeline of their success off to the right of my body. I see their potential. I see their earning potential. I see their REACH. I see their success. I can see the PATHWAY that they could go down and therefore their success.

If you’re a PT you probably see this for your clients.

If you’re a coach, you sure as heck see this for your clients.

If you’re a trainer, you know where your people are going to be at the end of the training, right?

Isn’t it about time you had someone do this for YOU?

If you want help with this, click the button below & let’s get you booked in.

The future is yours for the DESIGNING & the taking


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