Changes Are A-Foot

I made an announcement at the end of 2016 sharing a bit about the changes that I wanted to start to make.   Truth be told, I’ve been putting off making some of these changes because I was scared. I tried to make some changes to my business at the start of 2014 and screwed it up ROYALLY!!! Oops. And that’s ok. I guess I had become a little gun-shy with pulling the trigger on these next changes that I wanted to make. Read more »

A Lifestyle Hack That Saved My Sanity

  “What’s for dinner Mum” is a question that used to grate (no pun intended!!!) on my nerves – particularly when I had been working all day and knew that I’d have to back it up with a long night. There were a couple of things that I have done since 2010 to make this easier on me. Read more »