Money Blockages – What Are They And Do You Have Any?

  If you’ve been struggling break through to the next level of income in your business despite taking all the ‘logical’ steps to bust through, chances are there’s some ‘stuff and things’ going on with your money mindset – and perhaps even in your energetic field. So what CAN you actually do if you determine you have something going on… Read more »

Creating Confidence

  Fear is the #1 Killer of Creativity and Success. Every single day I speak with people who want to take their business to the next level, however they tell me that underlying the action that they know they need to take is a layer of FEAR. The fear of things not working.. other people’s reactions.. the reactions and opinions of their friends and so much more… Read more »

How To Get What You Want

  You probably want to create programs. eCourses. Packages. Courses. Events. There’s a BIG part of the equation missing.. and it all starts with ONE big question Read more »

Niche. Niche. Niche. Niche. Niche.

  There a couple of schools of thought on marketing to a particular niche of people. There’s those are PRO-NICHE and those who are ANTI-NICHE. Now, for me personally, I fall SOLIDLY into the PRO-NICHE camp. I’ve tried it the other way and my marketing was shizen-hauzen!   Read more »