FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

The Industry Lie

On the outside it can look like you’ve got it all, right?

Your own business.

A nice car.

The nice house.

2.3 Kids.

“Successful” is what people call you…

Yet… somethings just not adding up

This was me. This has actually been me multiple times over the past 7 years since I started this particular business.

There’d be weeks where I’d feel like my heart was on the outside of my body. My soul out there, too. Taking a beating. Breaking. Hurting. Yearning. Crying. Feeling destroyed.

I’d be making sales call after sales call, but nobody would buy.

I was generating leads, ‘filling my list’, because, you know, that’s what we’re told “the money is in the list” yet, the people on there were unresponsive.

I felt like nobody liked me. Nobody wanted me. Nobody wanted my programs.

I hated my own business.. and when YOU hate your own business, guess what happens? Nobody else likes it, either!

You see… some of the big things that I was striving for weren’t adding up.

I was being coached to do things that I didn’t want to do – and in ways that I didn’t want to do them.

The big thing though, was gunning for that “1 million dollar per year” goal.

And while I was trying to hit that so I could ‘make it’ I was burning out and actually finding that I was less profitable than what I was when I was making $20K per month!

My marketing expenses were less.

My team expenses were less.

The delivery expenses were less.

So why the hell was I doing it?

Seems crazy, huh? That after doing this for so long, that my profits were actually going DOWN rather than going up.

There was less joy.

Less fun.

I was feeling less generous.

I hated it.


So I drew a line in the sand from the corner of the room, because I was sick and tired of the outside not matching up to the inside.

I made the decision a few years ago to really tell it like it is.

Down the line. NO BS. Straight talk so people could get results.

But it took the breakdown to get to that decision.

It took me sobbing on my office floor, in my beautiful home and with the nice car in the garage.

It took me 2 weeks of feeling depressed, down in the dumps and wanting to QUIT to get the clarity that I needed.

It took me breaking down over and over again in my chest as I wallowed with self doubt, feeling like my soul was being ripped out of my chest.

You see, I knew that I do good work. I knew my clients could get results.

But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t lit up. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

A big part of this was around trying to constantly hit a goal that I thought that I needed to hit to have any kind of SUBSTANCE AND CREDIBILITY in this world.

And that’s BULL SHIT.

It took me realising that it’s not all about the REVENUE or the ‘number of sales’ that you make… it’s also about how profitable you are, and HOW you deliver to your clients.

What I have seen is a HUGE problem out there, is that people are COACHED into focussing on revenue vs profitability. And I think is bullshit. I think it’s terrible and that it’s only part of the equation and the two should actually go hand in hand.

I LOVE marketing, but I actually hate the online marketing ‘industry’

It is filled with cowboys (male and female) who sell people the pretty, shiny packaging but don’t actually deliver on what they’ve sold. Someone was telling me the other day that a program they purchased in NOVEMBER contained training in it from 2007 THAT WAS NO LONGER RELEVANT! They’d paid a premium price for it… but it was so outdated that it was never ever going to be applicable to the business world today.

I hate that people out there are selling magic pills and that it’s all ‘easy’.

There are so many things wrong with what’s being taught out there

* Like the tripwire process is the way to go.

Well. It is, if you have $10K-$20K to put into the front end and you’re willing to play the long game in order to make money.

* Like ‘do a launch’ every few months and make $100K per launch from start up.

* The fact that many coaches and trainers out there are teaching things that most people couldn’t pull off.

* The fact that so many others out there are teaching theory vs real life experience from in the trenches.

* An industry filled with broke coaches teaching others how to ‘make a million dollars’ and have a ‘good money mindset’.


What I want to yell at these people is “If you haven’t had results from something, and your clients haven’t had results, then you have no business teaching it”. People’s lives and businesses are at stake here.

I think it’s WRONG that people are being told to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.  Because that doesn’t work. It doesn’t create confidence. It makes you feel like a FRAUD.

Building a coaching practice, mentoring business or even an online eCourse business isn’t easy. It’s hard work. Can it be SIMPLE? YES. Of course. But the hard yards need to be put in, in order to build the SYSTEMS that you need in order to grow.

I realised towards the end of last year that I’d somehow slipped back into playing it safe. To kind of sitting back a little – being a little less opinionated and ‘trying’ to get everyone to like me.

So I decided to make this year GAF year (as in, I don’t give a fark year!). I don’t care what other coaches and mentors are doing out there. I don’t even give a shit about what my ‘competition’ is doing out there. I want to do things MY way.

And so I have.

And I encourage you to do the same.

To FOCUS on getting the results that YOU want and in the way that you want to do it, whilst being PROFITABLE at the same time as increasing your revenue.

Because if you do the numbers, and you realise that you’d actually have more money left over if you were doing $20K /mth than what you would at $100K per mth, then why the hell would you do that?

So here’s what I want you to do.

Just stop beating yourself up over where you’re not. The fact of the matter is, that you are where you are.

Etcha-sketch that shit out of your mind and REFOCUS.

What’s your plan for moving forward?

What is your PROFIT plan for moving forward?

What’s your revenue goal for the yar?

And what do you need to do NEXT?

I teach coaches, mentors and trainers to build a ROCK SOLID PLAN around what THEY want – not some BS cookie cutter plan that focuses only on revenue.

Don’t you think that it’s about time you were shown something SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE so you could grow your business?

Me too.

Because this is the path to FREEDOM.

This is the path to you getting what you WANT – and in the way that you want it.

Which if we break it down is so you can spend more time with your family and friends. So you can make CHOICES that you WANT to make with your future.

So here’s what you need to do.

If you want some help getting YOUR accelerated profit plan together then CLICK HERE and we’ll get you booked in. It’s free. Because I want to help you develop your unique plan – WITH CLARITY and confidence. You’ll either ask for my help implementing that plan or you’ll go off and do it on your own. Either way, I know it’s the BEST investment into your business that you could ever possible make.

Lemme know. Hope this helps to motivate and inspire you and serve to remind you, that we’re all human.


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