FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online


I was talking to one of my mentors today about some of the ‘not so conventional’ work that I do.

Most of you probably know me someone who trains and supports business owners with their online marketing and online business strategy. WHICH IS AWESOME! Cause that’s ONE ELEMENT of what I do.

The other stuff that you may not know about me, is that I’ve been delving more and more into learning more and more about energy healing and human behaviour so that I can support my clients even more.


Two years ago my oldest daughter hit the skids big time. I tried all the conventional strategies, help, tactics… EVERYTHING. But nothing seemed to work for a prolonged period of time.

So I decided to learn how to perform Auric healing and clearings. Yes. On aura’s and your embodied chakras and morphogenetic field. Pretty cool stuff. And I started to notice some shifts.

I then learned how to complete Karmic clearings and healings. Started to  notice some shifts.

I decided I needed to learn Reiki, so did the first 2 levels of Reiki. #superawesomestuff!

Combine that with some science, therapy and supplementation…. Slowly and steadily my girl returned. (We’ll do whatever it takes, right?)

I kept delving more and more into human behaviour and how I could help her more.

Fast-forward through more modalities learned and we get to today…soul clearings, manifestation training, quantum physics study, learning more about the Divine Laws and SO much more….

BUT here’s the BIG CONCLUSION from everything I have learned:


You can deal with the ‘surface’ stuff….

Because above the waterline there’s the conscious things happening. These are things that we try to ‘fix’ with logic. You know how it goes you over achiever, you! The question becomes very much HOW DO I FIX THIS? I NEED A PLAN. LET’S GET OUT THERE AND FIX THIS. Yes, I see you! I was you. 

It’s a bit like, OH! I have a cut on my arm when your arm has been severed and you think “I need to put a bandaid on it”. If that cut is deep, it needs a LOT more work. Stitches. Cleaning. Packing. Bandaid. Rehab. All sorts of things to ensure that there’s no infection.

BELOW the waterline, however, we have the ‘goodies’.. the SILT, the sludge and that big ass part of the iceberg that goes DEEP below the surface.

The more layers you excavate and explore, the DEEPER you’re going…

Imagine getting to the bottom of the ocean floor, where it’s DARK and DANK and there’s sludgy sand at the bottom… there’s the not-quite-an-eel-eels with their weird multiple rows of little teeth that can rip you apart down there.  (As I’m writing this, my face is twisting in a not particularly attractive way as I’m imagining those horrible things floating around down there).

EW, right?

That’s what happens in the deep dark corners of our physical bodies and energetic bodies – WELL below the surface.

These can be our beliefs. They can be inherited beliefs and programming. They can be just random things that somewhere along the line we agreed with and now we do whatever we can to prove to ourselves that those things are right.

Here’s where the energetics come in…

If you imagine that there’s a cylinder of LIGHT coming down from the sky directly into the top of your head and the less gunky it is, the more light can come down.

With the energetic blockages it’s like a build up of silt and sludge and it slows down and hinders the light. The light becomes fragmented, muted and lack-luster… the light CAN’T FLOW

With the way I work, I can clear the silt and the sludge and those nasty not-eel-eels.

THAT’S where the conscious and unconscious work comes in…. and why the CONSCIOUS work doesn’t quite cut it  – IF you really want it gone.

Why do you have to REALLY WANT IT GONE?

Well. When we start to work from the OUTSIDE IN (energetics FIRST and foremost, so that when we do ‘the work’, the conscious and unconscious work can work FASTER and more CLEANLY).

It means it’s an easier job to shift the conscious/unconscious piece. It can still take time because, hello, humans have layers just like ogres (thanks Shrek!), but the clearer you are, the easier it is to get rid of it.

So the MORE you can work on your energetic field (or have someone do that for you), the more efficient your energetic anatomy can work.

The better your intuition will work (HELLO!!! Who would love more of THAT in business?).

The higher your frequency will be, which means that you start attracting a ‘higher level’ of meetings, introductions, people, places, times and events into your reality… and the old shiz that doesn’t really serve you anymore kind of falls away.


The people who have been TRYING TO GET INTO YOUR BUSINESS haven’t been able to find the way in because of these blockages.

The things you want to bring into your life haven’t been able to easily find their way in…

You end up finding the slipstream and life just gets that bit easier…

So if things aren’t working for you or someone you know and love, then chances are they need a ‘full service’! A grease and oil change!

Think of it like defragging your computer. Eradicating all the ‘junk’ in the operating system that makes it run slow and less efficiently so that the programs load faster, so it uses less energy and you can get more done without the massive delays that can happen.

There’s not much point in installing a new operating system in your computer if there’s no space for it to run because of the all the ‘junk’ going on in the background.

To this day, I still do ‘the work’ on my daughter, my other children and on my husband and I do it daily on myself.

I do this for my clients and the ALIGNMENT and INCREASED energy that they feel is super cool!

Because the more CLEAR one can be, the more clear we are!! The easier ‘everything’ is.

Money blocks are disippated.

Things that used to create procrastination seem to diminish.

Decisions are easier.

Creativity flows better.

You’re happier.

You still have to exercise discernment and be diligent about what you let in around you, which means NOW you’re in control #controlfreak!

And I think THAT is freaky awesome!

So go be AWESOME!



PS. Usually when I start talking in person about this ‘stuff’ people start asking me how I can help THEM with this. So if you feel like you could benefit from this, you can access me for a whole month working on you and your energetic field EMAIL ME and ask me anything you like or if you want some help with this. You’ll not only FEEL good, you’ll start experiencing the most amazing shifts in your life.


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