FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

FREE 4 PART VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: How To Create Authority & Expert Positioning Online

Unravelling Online Marketing Myths


The ‘IM’ World (Internet Marketing World) will tell you a bunch of different things that you are REQUIRED (By The Law of The Interwebs) to do certain things….


The BIG myths that they propagate are:


You need an online sales funnel, that includes landing pages, video sales pages, tripwires and a billion other things.

YOU DO NOT!!! Yes, there are some things that you need to do in order to make your life EASIER (hint: automation) however you DO NOT need to do all of the things that all of the people tell you that you need.

Here’s what you DO need: A GREAT thing to sell and a way of MARKETING to the people who have a big ass problem that you can solve.

Ideally, you’ll want to automate the process of connecting with them and building a relationship, but you do NOT need to do the whole “Give them something for free, then offer them something at a no-brainer price (Like $7) and then upsell them with a video to something worth $47-$97, then do another video to upsell them to something more and then so on and so forth”.


OML! The stress of launches are MASSIVE….

There are income goals that most people want to hit.

There’s the PRODUCTION of your 4 part video series, the upsell funnel, the delivery funnels, the video production for delivery, the physical product indent orders, blah blah blah.

What’s the NET PROFIT from most ‘launches’… well… I’d challenge you to find someone who shares the REAL NUMBERS – both the costs and the profits. Because, even when they ‘do a 6 figure launch’, from what I’ve seen, the net profits are around $25K AND THAT means that you’re going to have to do a LOT OF LAUNCHES per year if you want to hit a ‘good income’ from what you’re doing.

My personal philosophy is that it is WAY less stressful to have something that you constantly be enrolling people into, so that you can have less ‘push’ and more ‘flow’ throughout the year.

Also, create the most SIMPLE funnel possible. Free thing -> some kind of call to action to have a chat with you or apply to work with you or buy your thing.

SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. . [I’ll be talking more about this on the 13th in the LIVE webclass. Register here]


You have to niche or you don’t have to niche at all

The BIG problem with the way that most people train niche is that they talk about it in a way that SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE (YOU) INTO THINKING THAT THEY’RE GOING TO CUT HALF OF THE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR SALES PROCESS.

The fact of the matter is this: NICHE IS CRITICAL…. But not for the reasons that you think.

Niching is important FOR YOU. Yes, for YOU. You can still CHOOSE to work with whomever you want to work with. From men to women to 25years of age to 65.

Niche is important because it helps you with your MARKETING and with your CONTENT CREATION.

If you have ONE PERSON in your mind that you’re concentrating on.. that you’re trying to come up with a piece of writing or video or checklist to create, it’s SO MUCH EASIER with ONE person in mind.

Think about ONE PERSON that you could talk to online today. What is going through their head RIGHT NOW – someone who needs you and what you know?

THAT’S why niche is so important.



YOU SHOULD do ‘market research’ on your competitors

Bah-bummmm… OH HELL NO with a “finger waggle”


I want you to be focused on YOU and your people. NOT what everyone else is or isn’t doing

Not what anyone else is or isn’t including in their stuff.


Focus on the people YOU want to help.

Looking at the competition, thinking about what they’re offering/saying/pricing/selling is 100000% IRRELEVANT TO YOU AND WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

For the same reason some people buy cars that are like $15K and others spend $250K…. BOTH VEHICLES will get you from A TO B.

Both cars can drive on the road.

Both have seats.

Both have seatbelts. Steering wheels. Brakes (hopefully!! Hahaha).

It’s SIMPLY that some people see VALUE in one of them, some see VALUE in the alternate one and some WOULDN’T BUY EITHER.

Value is an individual thing.

So FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and WHO You want to help.


You need more fans, likes and followers than you have right now (assuming you have started your social media presence growth)….


The number of fans you have is 100000% irrelevant except to your ego

That little puppy might have stung a bit, right?

Well, it’s TRUE!!!!!

Just because you have ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ it does not EQUAL MONEY IN THE BANK.

Nope. Not even a bit.

What’s MORE important is that you have a PROCESS for bringing people into a conversation with you. Not necessarily personally, and not always in the form of ‘interaction’…. BUT MORE that they have a conversation with YOU in THEIR HEADS.

When people read your stuff, we want them thinking “How is that they’re in my HEAD”?


THAT’S what’s important.

YOU need to be seen as having an opinion. Of knowing your stuff. Of sharing that.

THAT is relationship-building marketing.

The level of engagement on your page is IRRELEVANT.

The level of INTERACTION on your page is irrelevant.

The number of people on your DATABASE is irrelevant.

The number of people who FOLLOW YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA is actually irrelevant.

These are all ‘vanity’ measurements.

It’s what you DO with these numbers and people and the way you build RELATIONSHIPS that are important.


You need to provide a guarantee.

NOPE. Not unless you WANT to.

If you WANT to, then that’s a totally different story..

However, what I’ve found, is that when someone is looking for a guarantee, particularly in the initial session/call with you, then this could a great time for you to ask some additional questions around why they feel like they need one. After all, you cannot guarantee that someone is going to take on your training/suggestions/’s up to them to implement (unless you’re selling something that’s product based or ‘done for you’ type of thing).

What you CAN guarantee to someone, however, is that YOU will do your part. You can GUARANTEE what you’ll deliver.

You can GUARANTEE how your product/service will perform when utilised correctly.

You cannot under any circumstances guarantee that people will do what they’re supposed to with what you train them with or teach them

BOTTOM LINE, the BEST thing that you can EVER DO is to:

  • Know YOUR marketing message and use that as a tool to stand out
  • Know who you’re speaking to so that you can create RELEVANT marketing material and content
  • Know how you’re going to establish and enhance your online brand and presence
  • Have a STRATEGY IN PLACE so you can LEVERAGE all the freaking hard work you’re doing out there on Social Media
  • Make sure you have a way of CONTINUING the relationship building with people OUTSIDE of social media. Think: blogs, emails, videos, podcasting and all the rest of that FABULOUS online shizzle!

If you have questions about this, or if you want HELP with getting this stuff sorted for YOU, let’s get on the phone and talk. There’s a big photo of me below and you can book yourself into my schedule.

Talk soon





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